Manchester High School

Upgrade corridors and changing rooms to LED light fittings


The Brief

VMS were appointed as the electrical installers for a complete upgrade of all lighting at Manchester High School to an all LED lighting system

The Outcome

Vms were appointed to calculate the current usage of energy used by the lighting at the high school, after we carried out the energy assessment the findings were astronomical the savings that could be achieved , over a year a total of £8,000 would be saved on the electricity bills converting to led lighting , we agreed a schedule of works to convert all the communals and corridors first then move on to classrooms ect , this was set over a three year period we also worked out that £3600 plus would be saved on maintenance costs annually , the other benefit was the lights were clearer so the classrooms were brighter enhancing the students reading ability’s .

We carry out surveys and installations to all commercial and industrial premises, you will be surprised the amount of money we can save you just by updating you’re led lighting , so why not call us today to arrange a free no obligation payback survey .

The school spent the extra money saved on a new sports facility think of the things you could potentially buy with this mega investment.

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Electrical services for NHS and other public sector organisations

NHS Rusholme Health Centre

Exterior lighting upgrade to LED fittings


The Brief

We were asked to upgrade the existing outside lighting to LED fittings at a NHS Medical centre, we were contracting to a mechanical company that were installing the lamp posts and VMS were installing the lighting around the building and wiring and connecting the posts.

The Outcome

The end result looked fantastic the lights were much more efficient and looked more effective giving of a led white light, also the costs that were saved in energy calculated at a payback saving of £421 per annum.

Our electrical engineer Craig Dunne and his apprentice paired up as a dynamic team on this particular installation and carried out an efficient and great installation.

If you are looking to have your lighting upgraded to led and are interested in saving money and energy then please contact us today for a free consultation.