When Buying A New Home Your Lender May Require A Home Buyers Electrical Report Before Approving Your Mortgage

Home Buyers Electrical Report

If the property you are thinking of buying has an electrical wiring installation that is old, has signs of safety concerns, has been extensively altered, extended, or appears suspect, the mortgage company's surveyor is likely to recommend that the property is inspected and tested by a registered electrician. The surveyor can't fully verify if the installation is in a safe condition or complies with BS7671.

As registered electricians, VMS work to the UK National Standard BS7671 Requirements for Electrical Installation and the Homebuyers Electrical Reports we supply comply with mortgage lenders requirments.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

Very often a NICEIC electrical installation condition report will be carried out for a prospective homebuyer. It is a very detailed report, and can sometimes run over 15 pages long, often far too detailed for a homebuyer, and could be considered unintelligible to all but an electrician.

We will include a covering letter explaining the report in layman terms making it easier to understand and also follow up with a telephone call to explain the findings within the report if any.


Here at VMS We have developed a Homebuyer Electrical Report to meet the needs of homebuyers, it is easy to navigate around and it is sent to you as a PDF meaning the report will usually be with you the same day that we carried out the tests.

This would be carried out by a NICEIC registered electrician and comprises an inspection of the readily accessible parts of the electrical installation, and a number of tests to check the integrity and safety of the installation. All findings, both visually and instrumentally tested, will be noted within the report.

The report identifies and classifies codes in order of priority as follows:

C1 (code 1) – urgent attention required
C2 (code 2) – requires attention and possible remedial works
C3 (code 3) – does not comply with current regulations

With all reports we issue a covering letter and if needed depending on the condition of the installation we are reporting on, we include a quote for any remedial work required.

We carry out home buyers reports from £10 per circuit, if you would like any free advice or would like to book a engineer in please call the office on 0161 452 0330

Electrical Installation Condition Report