The most frequently asked question we hear from customers who are considering rewiring their home is “how much will it cost?”

The price of the rewire depends on a number of factors, such as whether the house is occupied or vacant, how many bedrooms there are, where you live in the country and who you hire. The average price to completely rewire a 3 bedroom semi-detached is £3,200 which can act as a handy rule of thumb (prices typically vary by £1,000 per bedroom).

This is a rough guide as the actual costs for each house will vary and the amounts being installed will also change on each property.

if you are thinking about getting your property rewired it's a good idea to see a written estimate so that you'll know the exact costs involved for your property before instructing an electrician to complete the work.

With VMS it's a simple process to book us in for an estimate and it starts with a phone call.

Please contact the office on 0161 452 0330


Plug socket installed as part of a rewire by Stockport electriciansocket installed by Stockport electricians